Fast mount [Scotty base] for kayaks, mounting: screws


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The Fs219 is the centerpiece of any attachment of brackets to your boat for the full range of fasting. Since the mounting system can be universally screwed on all bases, this mount is compatible with all boat types. 

Each mounting system consists of this bracket and a base. Depending on whether you want to stick it on, screw it tight or clamp it, there are different bases. The Fs219 can also be attached to the boat without a base. For this a 30 mm hole must be drilled. This is best done with a 30 mm fitting drill. Incidentally, this is the flattest and cheapest way to attach a bracket to your boat.

What distinguishes the Fs219 from other boat mounting systems is the exceptional stability of the mount, as our mount has 4 screws instead of 2. You can mount the mount on any base or directly on harder surfaces. By separating the holder and the base one is flexible. If either of them should break or you want to have the holder in another location, you can continue using one of the two parts. The assembly is quick and easy, within minutes you have your boat equipped with a bracket.

Product features:

  • compatible with all boats
  • full compatibility with all fasting accessories
  • easy-to-operate locking mechanism for accessories such as rod, smartphone or cup holders
  • Accessories easily exchangeable
  • Particularly stable thanks to 4 screws instead of 2 with comparable brackets
  • Protective cap to prevent water or dirt from entering the holder

IMPORTANT: By default, no basis is included! You will find a wide selection of bases, so that you can mount the bracket anywhere on your boat.

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