Fast screw clamps base for bracket (without basic lock) for clamping


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A fasting bracket always consists of a base and an Fs219 basic lock. This basic lock is mounted on the base of all fasteners at the factory.

Here you can only buy the base without the basic lock Fs219. An Fs219 can be unscrewed from each base and mounted in a different base type.

For  your understanding:  Mk (base) + Fs219 (basic lock) = FMk (bracket)

Product features:

  • does not contain an Fs219 basic lock
  • Bracket for boats, can be attached to tubes, transom, wooden seats, plates and square bars
  • can be attached to objects with a Ø (diameter) of 20 mm – 40 mm
  • Assembly using a screw clamp – no tools required
  • flexible PVC pads on the inside of the U-shape


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