Fast star adapter – make your own accessories Fast suitable 360 ​​° rotatable and tiltable


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The As221 allows you a 360 ° rotation for fasting accessories that have a tiltable joint, such as. B. Rod, anchor and GoPro holder. The tiltable joint must be removed from the accessories and the part with the star adapter replaced with the AS221.

Here is an example that will clearly explain how you should proceed:

Let us assume that you have a Ht213 rod holder from Fasten and want to be able to turn it 360 ° without having to take the rod holder off its holder each time. The rod holder has an inclinable joint and can be released with the hand screw.

  1. To use the 360 ​​° rotation, you should unscrew the joint on the rod holder.
  2. The part with the star adapter is no longer required. 
  3. You now screw the As221 to the rod holder.
  4. Now you have your rod holder, which can be rotated 360 °. Note: washers are included. They are used for the gradual fine adjustment of the angle of inclination. Once you have determined the angle, all you have to do is tighten the screw with the plastic handle by hand so that the position of the rod holder is fixed.

The assembly is identical for all other inclinable fasting accessories.

Product features:

  • 360 ° rotation for all inclinable fasten accessories, such as rod, anchor or GoPro holders
  • Length: 110 mm
  • smooth rotation
  • 2 x discs for fine adjustment included

Additional information


Black, Gray

Item ID 303
Status New
Manufacturer Fast
Country of Manufacture Ukraine
content 1 piece
Weight 96 g
Net Weight 96 g
length x WIDTH X HEIGHT 112 × 39 × 32 mm


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