Fast star to star adapter to connect 2 brackets inclinable


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With this adapter you can fasten 2 brackets together. Fasting itself uses this adapter bpw. at his  filleting table Tm450. A bracket is attached to the table. If there is still a bracket on the boat, the table can be attached to the boat.
mm  measured from the star to the star adapter
mm  measured when plugged  in 

Both ends have a star adapter and fit in fasteners. The same adapter is also not available as a fixed piece (Ah264).

  • Star to star adapter
  • 2 brackets can be attached
  • tiltable

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Black, Gray, White


Item ID 213
staat nieuw
fabrikant snel
land Oekraïne
inhoud 1 st
gewicht 134 g
netto Gewicht 134 g
Lengte x breedte x hoogte 152 × 70 × 39 mm


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