Fast tube base (Ø 30/32 mm) for 2 brackets (basic lock) for clamping


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A fasting bracket always consists of a base and at least one basic lock Fs219. This basic lock is mounted on the base of all fasteners at the factory.

Here you can only buy the base without the 2 basic locks Fs219. An Fs219 can be unscrewed from each base and mounted in a different base type.

For your understanding: Mr232 (base) and 2 x Fs219 (basic lock) = FMr232 (bracket)

Product features:

  • Spare part for bracket FMr232
  • Suitable for round tubes and 4 square tubes. 
  • Bracket for boats with railings (railings on the deck of a ship).
  • intended for railings or bars of other types with a Ø (diameter) of 30 mm 1.18 “to 32 mm 1.26“
  • Up to 2 Fs219 brackets can be attached to the base.
  • Full compatibility with the full range of fasting accessories.
  • Easy-to-use locking mechanism for accessories such as rod, smartphone or drink holders
  • Accessories can be exchanged easily

Additional information


Black, Gray, White

Item ID 302
Status New
Manufacturer Fast
Country of Manufacture Ukraine
content 1 piece
Weight 211 g
Net Weight 211 g
length x WIDTH X HEIGHT 70 × 65 × 57 mm
Customs number 3926909790


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