Set: Fast star adapter rotating. neig. + Bracket [round base] wood, aluminum & fiberglass


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Set includes: 1x TAm218 + 1x FMb.


With this adapter you can make any object you want compatible with any fasting holder. This allows you to create your own fasting accessories yourself. These can be bait boxes, cool boxes or other types of boxes. 

With 4 screws, for example, plates with a thickness of max. 5 mm to be attached to the adapter (screws not included). 

The contact surface has a Ø (diameter) of 60 mm. When plugged in, the adapter is 106 mm high.

Product features:

  • create your own fasting accessories
  • for plates up to max. 5 mm
  • Support area 60 mm
  • tiltable and then fixable 

This article can also be tilted. The article with the article number: Mia is the simple and cheaper version.


The FMb is a bracket system with a round base, which is intended for mounting on any harder surface, such as wood, aluminum, plastic or fiberglass. Due to the small round base, the FMb holder takes up minimal space.

The bracket is attached to the surface with 4 screws. The package includes 4 self-tapping wood screws and 4 normal screws with nuts.  

– The 4 self-tightening wood screws are used for wood surfaces.

-For surfaces like aluminum or GRP boats, the 4 normal screws with the nuts are used. A hole must be drilled in the surface beforehand. In the next step, the screw is inserted into the hole and fastened with the nut at the lower end. 

Of course, the holder is compatible with all Fasten accessories. For example, you can attach your smartphone, tablet, rod holder or sonar anywhere in or on your boat. 

Product features:

  • compact mounting system due to the small base size
  • 2 x 4 stainless steel screws for fastening included
  • für härtere Oberflächen wie Holz, Aluminium, Plastik oder Glasfaser-Kunststoff geeignet
  • enthält die Fs219-Halterung zu der entsprechenden Basis
  • volle Kompatibilität mit der gesamten Zubehörpalette von Fasten
  • leicht zu betätigender Sperrmechanismus für Accessoires wie Ruten-, Smartphone- oder Getränkehalter
  • Zubehör kinderleicht austauschbar
  • Schutzkappe, damit kein Wasser oder Schmutz in die Halterung kommt

Additional information


Black, Gray

Item ID 334
Status New
Manufacturer Fast
Country of Manufacture Ukraine
content 1 piece
Weight 330 g
Net Weight 330 g
length x WIDTH X HEIGHT 145 × 79 × 63 mm
Customs number 3926909790


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