[Set] Fasting 2x paddle holder with star adapter for (Ø35 mm) aluminum rods oarlock


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This fasting accessory holds a tube with a Ø (diameter) of 35 mm and with the star adapter, it can be attached to all fasteners. It will be used in the construction of tubular frames, as is the case with a bimini or fabric roof construction, for example. It can also be used as a oarlock and is roughly the same as an oarlock in an inflatable boat. With this variant, a metal pin does not have to be inserted into the paddles for fastening. In this way, paddles can also be held that do not have a hole. The paddle is held by a plastic collar on its tube. The advantage is also a firm hold without wobbling and any fixation at the position suitable for the rower along the tube. The disadvantage is a one-off installation because the collar of the fasting oarlock must first be dismantled before it is placed around the pipe. But once this is done, removing and attaching the paddles is child’s play thanks to the star adapter. A second disadvantage is that the paddle cannot be tilted close to the boat skin. So it always stands at a height of 61 mm from the boat skin. But it can be rotated 360 ° and tilted 180 ° when rowing.

By using the fasting oarlocks, paddling with an inflatable boat is made considerably easier. They fix the paddles in the correct position on the boat. By using 2 x Oh032, the paddles can also be clicked into place and thereby fixed. 

The same article is also available for other Ø (diameter):

  • Ø (diameter) 22 mm: 1 piece single pack: Tc022
  • Ø (diameter) 22 mm: 2 pieces double pack: Tc022-2
  • Ø (diameter) 32 mm: 1 piece single pack: RL032
  • Ø (diameter) 32 mm: 2 pieces double pack: RL032-2

Height: 61 mm when plugged in 

Product features:

  • for holding pipes with Ø (diameter) 35 mm 
  • 360 ° rotatable
  • Can be tilted 180 °
  • Stainless steel hinge
  • can also be used as oarlock
  • strong hold
  • quick removal and attachment of the paddles possible


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black / aluminum-silver, white/aluminum-silver


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