[Set] Set: Fast rod holder + bracket [Scotty base] for kayaks for screwing


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Set includes: 1x Ht213 + 1x FFr444.


The HT213 rod holder allows you to securely attach your fishing rod on board your inflatable boat. It gives you full control over the fishing process and has many options for position adjustment. The HT213 is made of high-strength plastic and can withstand even high loads. It also gives your boat a stylish look.

All you need is an Fs219 bracket already attached to your boat. The rod holder is then conveniently mounted on this bracket.

Advantages of the rod holder:

  • has a stern stop that prevents the fishing rod from rotating
  • can be placed at any angle around its axis
  • has a fastening ring for fastening the fishing reel, which prevents the fishing rod from falling out of the holder during trolling
  • allows you to adjust the angle of your fishing rod relative to the horizon


Many kayaks have a recess based on Scotty, RAM and Fish-On mounts. Now this holder can be attached to the kayak at precisely these points.

The FFr444 is a bracket especially for kayakers. Many kayaks have so-called Scotty cutouts. In such kayaks, there are usually square cutouts in the typical form where brackets can be mounted. Holes are also pre-drilled there so that you do not have to drill. 

But there is nothing wrong with it if you want to attach this bracket to your boat without the Scotty recess. Such a solution makes sense with extreme loads on the bracket. As is well known, 8 screws hold more firmly than 4 screws, as with the FMb.

Product features:

  • designed for kayakers
  • contains the Fs219 bracket to the corresponding base
  • full compatibility with the entire range of fasting accessories
  • Easy-to-use locking mechanism for accessories such as rod, smartphone or drink holders
  • Accessories can be exchanged easily
  • Compatible with Scotty, RAM and fish-on cutouts
  • no drilling necessary with Scotty recess
  • for extreme loads on the bracket
  • Protective cap to prevent water or dirt from getting into the holder

IMPORTANT: The bracket is NOT fastened with self-tightening screws! 4 screws with nuts and washers are included.

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Black, Gray

Item ID 394
Status New
Manufacturer Fast
Country of Manufacture Ukraine
content 1 piece
Weight 552 g
Net Weight 552 g
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