[Set] Set: Fast sensor rod (300mm) + bracket [PVC base] (110×110 mm) Belly-Boot


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The Ft300 is a transducer rod for the sonar on the boat. So that the echo sounder receives a signal, there is an echo sounder transmitter, which must be kept underwater via a cable that is attached to the echo sounder. These accessories do just that. Every common sounder transducer fits on this holder. The maximum possible thickness of an echo sounder is 40 mm.

Due to its short length and low-lying fixing screw, the master rod is more suitable for flat-lying boats, such as kayaks or belly boats. The accessories with article number Ft600 or the 100 mm longer Ft400 are more suitable for inflatable boat drivers. If you still want to use this accessory for your inflatable boat, you can either install it with the FMb bracket on the stern of your inflatable boat or with the Fmp 224 bracket on the side of the boat skin. Attached to the transom you have to bend down to get the sonar transmitter out of the water. Belly boat owners like to mount these accessories on the outer tube tip. The threaded connection is easy to reach there and when not in use, the encoder rod can be easily adjusted upwards by 180? °.

The rigidity of the bracket is adjustable: if necessary. the threaded connection can be loosened so that, for example, if a moving inflatable boat collides with an obstacle, the holder does not break, but tilts. This function helps to protect the sensor from damage.

The length of the sounder transducer when assembled is 330 mm (measured when it is bent 90 °).

Product features:

  • Echo sounder mount for your boat
  • particularly suitable for deep-lying boats, such as kayaking or belly boats
  • adjustable stiffness
  • Length: 300 mm


The FMp224 is a holder with an adhesive surface of 110 mm x 110 mm, especially for PVC inflatables. The bracket must be glued to the hull of inflatable boats.

Due to the PVC base, this bracket is perfect for installation on PVC inflatables. The best hold is provided by gluing with the Bengar PVC adhesive kit (article number: MK-04). Alternatively, you can attach them with the self-adhesive double adhesive VHB from 3M (article number). The double adhesive adheres particularly well to smooth surfaces such as wood, metal or plastic. On the boat skin of inflatable boats it can come off if it is assembled and dismantled too often. The advantage of the double adhesive is that it can be removed without leaving a trace.

If you have a Hypalon inflatable boat and are looking for a suitable bracket, the bracket with the article number: FMp226 is perfect for this. For Nitroion inflatables, you should use the bracket with the article number: FMp227. ATTENTION: The Bengar PVC adhesive cannot be used with these types of inflatable boats!

Product features:

  • smaller adhesive surface for smaller spaces 
  • Bracket for PVC inflatables
  • Dimensions: 110 mm x 110 mm
  • must be glued to the boat skin
  • contains the Fs219 bracket to the corresponding base
  • full compatibility with the entire range of fasting accessories
  • Easy-to-operate locking mechanism when changing accessories such as rod, smartphone or drink holder to the holder
  • Accessories can be exchanged easily
  • Protective cap to prevent water or dirt from getting into the holder

Wenn Du eine Halterung mit einer größeren Klebefläche suchst, schau Dir den Artikel mit der Artikelnummer FMp225 an! 

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