Fast Rod Extension (225 Mm) (Ø25) Made Of Aluminum



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The Ex225 is an extension for all inclinable fasting items (where the item name says “inclinable”), such as rod, anchor and GoPro holders. The extension is switched in between by loosening the tilting joint and then screwing it back onto the extension. It consists of a tubular rod with a gradually adjustable angle for your accessories. This gives you the freedom to place your tilting fasting accessories the way you want them. This can be particularly advantageous with action cameras.

The extension can be installed quickly and easily. Here is an example that will clearly explain how you should proceed:

Let’s say you have a Ht213 rod holder from Fastenand would like to extend this in height. Then you should use this extension together with the rod holder. The rod holder can be tilted and comes with a corresponding star-shaped plug for the Fs219 bracket.

  1. To use the extension, you have to unscrew the star-shaped plug from the rod holder.
  2. Then screw this onto the lower end of the extension.
  3. You screw the actual rod holder that is left over to the upper end of the extension.
  4. Now you have yours Rod holder mounted on the extension. Now you can plug the extension into the Fs219 bracket on your boat. Note: You can determine the angle of inclination yourself. The washers supplied are used to fine-tune the angle of inclination in stages. As soon as you have determined the angle, all you have to do is tighten the screw with the plastic handle by hand so that the position of the rod holder is fixed.

The assembly is identical for all other tiltable Fasten accessories .

Since the Ex225 extension consists of a metal tube with a Ø (diameter) of25 mm, you can attach an additional FMr125 or FMr225 base with bracket (s) to the tube. The extension is 205 mm long.

Product features:

  • Extension for all tiltable accessories from Fasten, such as rod, anchor or GoPro holders
  • Length: 205 mm
  • inclinable in stages <
Art.-ID 240
Status New
Manufacturer Fasten
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Contents 1 piece
Weight 150 g
Net weight 150 g
Length x width x height 244 × 63 × 39 mm

Black/Aluminum-Black, Black/Aluminum-Silver, Gray/Aluminum-Silver


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