Fasten Cardan Joint For Sunroof & Bimini


Reference Tf255

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This universal joint has a fasting star on one side and a plug on the other. The respective pages can be separated from each other by pulling a little. This allows you to separate the tube from the star without having to operate the locking slide on the bracket. This function cannot be blocked, so it could be released unintentionally. As an alternative, there is also the Tf254 with a stainless steel universal joint that cannot be loosened by pulling.On the side with the plug, a 29mm round tube Ø (inner diameter) is attached using a rivet pliers and two blind rivets. There are two holes on the joint for inserting a blind rivet and fastening it with the rivet pliers. If you want to remove the rivet again, it has to be drilled through.

The plug measures 29mm on the outside and 22mm on the inside.
If we assume a round pipe with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm, then round pipes with a diameter of 32 mm will fit. If you want to fix the round tube in the plug, then a tube with 22mm Ø (outer diameter) fits regardless of the wall thickness.

The joint is made of plastic and can be tilted a little more than 180°. On the star side where the plastic pin is inserted, it can be rotated 360°. The side where the tube is attached is fixed.

Total length 110mm. When the article is inserted into the tube, the joint is 81 mm long. It extends the tube to 81 mm in length.

Product features:

  • Plastic joint
  • With quick release. A slight pull and it will detach from the star.
Art.-ID 381
Status New
Manufacturer Fasten
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Contents 1 piece
Weight 59 g
Net weight 45 g
length x width x height 0 × 0 × 0 mm

Black, Gray


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