Fasten Lonako LED Position Light Boats Built-In Rechargeable Battery, 3 Colors Red Green White


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There are 2 buttons on the underside of the lamp:The red, rimmed button “Power On / Off”switches the lamp on and off and the silver, rimmed button “Function Switch” switches the various functions by pressing the button several times; um.
Function (light sensor active): In the dark:whiteLEDs light up4 xin rapid succession. In daylight the lamp does not light up.There is a light sensor on top of the lamp, if it is maskedthe lamp always flashes in this mode.
Function: forposition detection – red, green andlight up constant
Function:toPosition detection (if you use a second white lamp on the boat) – redandgreen light up constantly
Function: whiteLEDs flash in time. (similar to function 1, only that now the LEDs do not light up 4 xin quick succession)
Function: SOS – white light emits an SOS symbol
Function: to illuminate of the boat – all white LEDs light up constantly
Function: The lamp is switched off -OFF
The lamp can be used toilluminate the boat by only using the white LEDs light up (6th function) or flash (1st and 4th function). There is also a function that emits SOS light signals in an emergency (5th function).

The lamp has 360° distributed24 white LEDs on 112.5° (left direction of travel, 7 red ones LEDs) and 112.5° (right direction of travel, 7 green LEDs). In the position detection mode only 8LEDs light up at 135°. The red and green LEDs’ s are located between the white LEDs. Only white lamps (item number: Lw001) exist (24 white LEDs). This 3-color lamp has thus been extended by the red and green LEDs.

Whoever buys this product will also get the matching bracket from Lonakofor rail mounting / pipe mountingincluded free of charge.The Lonako- Bracket consists of 2 clips and fits pipes with a Ø (diameter) of29 mm – 33mm. By inserting a medium plastic sleeve, pipes of 23 mm – 26 mm or the small plastic sleeve 17 mm – 19 mm pipes can be used. Depending on how you attach the bracket to the lamp, it can be horizontalor clamped onto vertical tubes (see pictures).Please note that this bracket is not Fasten compatible.

Fasten has designed several extensions so that the Lonako lamp receives a star adapter and thus to the Fasting system becomes compatible. The following extensions are available:

Lf001 Basic extension without tilting function
Lf002 Extension with tilting function Joint with large teeth (large teeth are important for extensions, e.g. suitable for Ex225, Ex325, Ex610)
Lf003Extension with tilt function Joint with small toothing(small toothing is important for extensions, e.g. suitable for Ex400)
Lf110 Extension with telescopic height adjustment up to max.1100 mm
Also included is a bird repeller that is glued to the lamp and prevents birds from standing on it. This is useful for larger boats, as the bird’s droppings affect the solar system. During assembly, the bird repeller should not be glued to the solar system. The best position isto coverthe Lonako logo.

If possible, the lamp should remain attached to the boat, this ensures that the battery is always fully charged. For boats that are stored in the dark, for example, or the lamp is kept in a bag, it can bethat thebattery will be completely discharged after about4 – 6months. The battery has a low self-discharge.

ATTENTION sailboat drivers: The lamp has a light sensor, whereby the lamp switches on automatically indarkness (function 1:light4 xin quick succession). The lamp does this even when the battery is empty.Therefore, this lamp is not well suited for sailing boats. In the port, the lamp can switch on by itself. To prevent this, tape the sensor off and clean the solar panels regularly.

In such a casethe lamp must be placed insunlight for at least 10hours so that it can be- as usual – works. The lamp can also be charged by the sun in winter, a visible sunbeam is not absolutely necessary. The required charging time is extended in the winter months. For a rough orientation the following table:

Charging times of the battery under daylight:

month Sun strength in% Corresponds to loading time
January 10 100 hours.
Light sources such as bulbs or lampsin the apartment are unsuitable. The lamp should be outside. Good places are balconies, gardenorwindow sills (outside).

Battery life:

approx. 12 hoursat (2ndfunction: forposition detection -red, green andwhite light up constantly)
approx. 150 hours at (1stfunction: whiteLEDs light up4 xin rapid succession)
approx. 12 hoursat (6thfunction: to illuminate the boat – all white LEDs light up constantly)

Light range:

approx. 1.6 km corresponds to1 mile at (2ndfunction: forposition detection – red, green andwhite light up constantly)
approx.4.82 km corresponds to3 miles at (1stFunction: whiteLEDs light up4 xin rapid succession in the cycle)
approx3.21 km corresponds to2miles at (6.function: to illuminate the boat – allwhite LEDs light up constant)

Attention: The remote control is not – like the lamp – waterproof. It should not be kept under water.

Size of the lamp (LxWxH): 113x113x26 mm (height measuredwithout the support).


Art.-ID 352
Status New
Manufacturer Borika
Country of manufacture China
Contents 1 piece
Weight 450 g
Net weight 225 g
length x width x height 116 × 116 × 71 mm


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