Fasten Support Stand Equipment Carrier For Canoes (500 Mm) With 2 X Brackets, 4 Legs



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With this attachment on your boat, you can either mount devices on it or hold onto them. Often large boats have an equipment rack at the stern. Various things such as lights, flags, loudspeakers, GPS receivers, etc. can be attached here. Now it is also possible for small boats to retrofit such a device carrier. In addition, it can then be removed. Those who like to fish while standing will know how shaky it can be with narrow boats. This accessory is often used as a standing aid to hold on to.

It is made of aluminum round tubes with a 32 mm diameter (Ø). There are special joints (technical term: Cardan Joint) at the 4 fastening points on the boat, which make it possible to that this accessory is flexible and therefore ideal for holding on even at higher speeds.

The support stand has a height of 800 mm and is available in 4 different widths.

  • St050 500 mm width e.g. for kayaks
  • St080 800 mm width e.g. for canoes
  • St110 1100 mm width e.g. for inflatables and boats
  • St140 1400 mm Width e.g. for RIB

All models have 2 x FMr132 brackets, where you can attach any 2 accessories from Fasten.

The colors black / black cost a little more because they have to be processed further. To get the aluminum black, they are powder-coated and therefore look much higher quality.

Art.-ID 244
Status New
Manufacturer Fasten
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Contents 1 piece
Weight 2704 g
Net weight 2704 g
Length x width x height 943 × 871 × 385 mm

Black/Aluminum-Black, Black/Aluminum-Silver


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