Fasten Telescope Adapter For Lonako Navigation Lights (1100mm) Extendable


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The Lf1100 is a telescope adaptermanufactured by Fasten for the two position lights(Lc003 andLw001). With this adapter the lamps can be attached to any fasting bracket and are also adjustable in height. The lamp is inserted into the opening provided and fixed with the 2 screws supplied. Now the lamp has the required star adapter to pass as a fasting accessory. This telescope adapter is used most often because this adapter raises the position light and is therefore not impaired by people in the boat.

The Lf1100 isin the upperpart360° rotatable and tiltable in the lower part.To tilt it, you loosen the screw by hand, tilt it to the desired angle and then fix it,by tightening the screw again.
3 aluminum tubes are plugged into each other, which you pull apartcan to extend the bracket. Once the desired length has been reached, the pipe must be turned in the opposite direction to fix it. The outermost aluminum tube has been further processed by anodizing it black. This makes it easier to grip and looks better due to the black color.

When plugged in, the lamp with the adapter has a height of at least570 mm to a maximum of 1170 mm when not tilted.

Product features:

  • Lonako lamps are suitable for fasting
  • increases the position lamp on the boat
  • 2 stainless steel screws and nuts included
  • 360° rotatable
  • can be tilted gradually
  • height adjustable from 570 mm – 1170 mm continuously

Fasten has designed several extensions so that the Lonako lamp has a star adapter and is therefore suitable for fasting System becomes compatible. The following 4 extensions are available:

  1. Lf001 Basic extension without tilting function (cheapest)
  2. Lf002 Extension with tilting function Joint with large teeth (large teeth are important for extensions, e.g. matching for Ex225, Ex325, Ex610)
Art.-ID 377
Status New
Manufacturer Fasten
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Contents 1 piece
Weight 450 g
Net weight 430 g
Length x width x height 0 × 0 × 0 mm


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