Fasting 2 X Outer Pieces Filleting Table (435 X 350 X 106 Mm) For Boats, Inflatables



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A filleting tablefor your boat so that you can eviscerate or fillet the fish immediately after catching it. It can also be used as a normal table to put your bait or fishing accessories on. The special thing about this table: The size can be expanded by a further 300 mm with any number of center pieces (Tm305). Internal dimensions 310 mm high and 384 mm wide. Whereby this 384 width can be extended to 684 mm or 984 mm etc. with a middle piece (Tm305) each. By expanding the middle piece, there is also a drain that allows the dirty water to run off. On the top, 2 brackets (Fs219) are installed as standard so that any fasting accessories can be used here.2 more Fs219are installed under the table, in order to be able to attach it to the boat with the help of the star to star adapter (Ah264) (which is incl.).

4 x telescopic legs (Tm300 or Tm800) can also be purchased so that you can continue to use the table while camping. All 4 legs can be inserted into the table and stored there. They do not fall out and do not affect the table in any way. As a result, there is no longer any risk of having to look for the legs because they had to be stored in a different place. The large legs (Tm800) only fit into the filleting table if the middle piece was built in. It has 2 slots for a knife and 2 holes for bait on the upper edge. There are 2 more slots and 2 holes on each side.

The table is in two parts and is connected in the middle with 3 screws. This can then be dismantled into 2 parts with a 5 Allen key. If you are looking for a finished table with a middle piece and 4 x legs, the article with the article number Tm755 is the right one. Inner dimensions: 310 mm high and 380 mm wide, the width can be extended.

Art.-ID 263
Status New
Manufacturer Fasten
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Contents 1 piece
Weight 2120 g
Net weight 2120 g
Length x width x height 435 × 350 × 106 mm



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