Fasting Bracket [C-Shaped Base] Vertical Instal. Kayaks Assembly: Clamps


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Often, kayak and aluminum boats have built-in profiles. Either in the interior (suitable bracket: FMa) or on top of the board (suitable bracket: FFr222). Well-known profile names are “C-Like Profile” or “FeelFree”.These profiles are of different sizes. The scope of delivery therefore also includes 2 different thickeners. This means that the 2 metal plates can be adjusted to 3 different sizes:

-1 size 22 x 12 x 1 mm * (without the use of the thickener for “C-Like profiles”)
-2 size 30 x 15 x 4 mm * (with the use of the small thickener for”C-Like profile”)
-3 size 33 x 18 x 4 mm * (with the use of the large thickener for”FeelFree”)
* length, width, thickness

The FMa bracket can be clamped onto a C-shaped or FeelFree profile – without any drilling whatsoever. You don’t need any tools to fix the bracket or change its position. Small to medium loads are not a problem for the mounting system. However, you should avoid larger loads. The base can even be expanded to include an additional base.If necessary, you can buy a second base (item number: Fs219) so that you can attach additional accessories from the Fasten range to the same bracket.

The Bracket is compatible with all Fasten accessories. It is important that you lubricate the fastening ring with silicone grease.The supplied silicone is intended for the lubrication of the moving parts and the sealing ring and prevents the formation of a water film that could freeze, which does not affect the functionality of the brackets even at low temperatures .

Product features:

Art.-ID 168
Status New
Manufacturer Fasten
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Contents 1 piece
Weight 251 g
Net weight 251 g
length x width x height 142 × 65 × 58 mm


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