Fasting Bracket [Scotty Basis] For Kayaks, Assembly: Screws


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Many kayaks have a recess based on mounts from Scotty, RAM and Fish-On. Now this bracket can be attached to the kayak exactly at these points. With the Seven Bass Belly, for example, the lock can be screwed into the glued bracket. All 4 holes fit perfectly.

The FFr444 is a bracket especially for kayakers. Many kayaks have so-called Scotty recesses.Most of these kayaks have square recesses in the typical shape at the points where brackets can be mounted. There are also pre-drilled holes there so that you do not have to drill anything.

But there is nothing wrong with attaching this bracket to your boat without the Scotty recess. Such a solution makes sense in the case of extreme loads on the bracket. Because 8 screws hold more firmly than 4 screws, as with the FMb.

Product features:

  • designed for kayakers
  • contains the Fs219 bracket to the corresponding base
  • full compatibility with the entire range of accessories from Fasten
  • easy-to-operate locking mechanism for accessories such as rod, smartphone or drink holders
  • accessories can be easily exchanged
  • Compatible with Scotty, RAM and Fish-On recesses
  • No drilling necessary with Scotty recess
  • for extreme loads on the bracket
  • protective cap, so that no water or dirt gets into the bracket

IMPORTANT: The bracket is NOT attached with self-tightening screws! 4 screws with nuts and washers are included.


Art.-ID 160
Status New
Manufacturer Fasten
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Contents 1 piece
Weight 222 g
Net weight 222 g
Length x width x height 110 × 63 × 41 mm


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