Fasting Rod With 3 X Brackets (Length: 500 Mm) 2 Fastening Points: Inside



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How often have you wanted to be able to attach more than two Fasten accessories in two brackets? Now this problem is a thing of the past.With the Gr500-3 you can decide for yourself how many brackets you want to have at the same timewithout having to mount additional brackets. Whether you need two, three, four or five brackets – the choice is yours. Put simply, if you already have two brackets on your boat, you can attach these accessories there and thus make several brackets out of two brackets.

The rod is made of coated aluminum alloy and, with its length of 500 mm, is long enough to attach up to 6 brackets at the same time. Since the multi-socket strip has two adjustable fastening points placed inside, the brackets attached to it are suitable for medium to higher loads and are therefore better suited for rod, anchor or rope holders than the Gm350-3. With these accessories you can retrofit your boat with a small railing and then enjoy all the advantages of a railing.

The two attachment points can be inclined by 30°. This has the advantage if the bracket was not attached 100% horizontally to the boat.

The multi-connector strip is delivered with 3 x FMr132 brackets as standard. You can also screw additional FMr132 brackets onto the rod.

It is important that you lubricate the mounting ring with silicone grease.

Art.-ID 233
Status New
Manufacturer Fasten
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Contents 1 piece
Weight 1106 g
Net weight 1106 g
Length x width x height 500 × 140 × 80 mm

Black/Aluminum-Black, Black/Aluminum-Silver, Gray/Aluminum-Silver


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