Set: Fast Bathing Ladder (Ø32 Mm) + 2x Bracket [PVC Base] (140x140mm) Boat



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Set includes: 1x Fl032 and2x FMp225.


The Fl032 is a bathing ladder for your inflatable boat. It is installed on two brackets, which must be at a distance of 305 mm from each other. The ladder can be bent in 3 places, so when not in use it can be folded up so far that the ladder is no longer in the water. The brackets do not even have to be loosened. This is very practical as you can get the ladder ready for use very quickly.

Thanks to the articulated joints, it adapts perfectly to the hose of your inflatable boat and is therefore suitable for all hose diameters (Ø). Once attached to the bracket, you can hold onto the top aluminum tube and pull yourself up.
Finally a ladder where getting in and out really works without any problems. This makes it perfect for older people.

This bathing ladder has a Ø (diameter) of 32 mm, the joints are made of polyamide. You can easily loosen or screw the joints by hand. The hand nut and a stainless steel bolt make it possible without any tools.

ATTENTION:It is recommended that the boat remains stable when boarding , Install the swim ladder on the sides or on the bow (front) of your boat. If the engine and the ladder have both been mounted at the stern (rear), you should make sure that there is sufficient counterweight in the bow.

There is also a swimming ladder with a smaller tube diameter (Ø ). People up to 100 kgand has the article number:Fl022

Product features:

  • an aluminum bathing ladder for your inflatable boat
  • easy assembly
  • for 2 x FS219 brackets with a distance of 305 mm
  • can be folded up
  • Ø (tube diameter): 32 mm
  • loadable up to 140 kg


The FMp225 is a bracket with an adhesive surface of 140 mm x 140 mm for higher loads, especially for PVC inflatable boats. The bracket must be glued to the boat skin of inflatable boats.

Due to the PVC base, this bracket is perfect for installation on PVC inflatable boats. Gluing with the Bengar PVC adhesive kit (item number: MK-04) provides the best hold. Alternatively, they can also be attached with the self-adhesive double-sided adhesive VHB from 3M. The double adhesive adheres particularly well to smooth surfaces such as wood, metal or plastic. On the boat skin of inflatable boats, if it is assembled and dismantled too often, it could come loose. The advantage of the double adhesive is that it can be removed without leaving any traces.

If you have a Hypalon inflatable boat and are looking for a suitable bracket for it, the bracket with the item number: FMp226 is perfect for it. For nitrilon inflatable boats, you should use the bracket with the item number: FMp227.

ATTENTION: The Bengar PVC adhesive cannot be used with these types of inflatable boats!

Product features:

  • Large adhesive surface for a particularly strong hold
  • Bracket for PVC inflatable boats
  • Dimensions: 140 mm x 140 mm
  • must be attached to the boat skin be glued
  • the Fs219 bracket to the corresponding base
  • includes full compatibility with the entire range of Fasten accessories
Art.-ID 363
Status New
Manufacturer Fasten
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Contents 1 piece
Weight 0 g
Net weight 0 g
Length x width x height 0 × 0 × 0 mm

Black/Aluminum-Black, Black/Aluminum-Silver, Gray/Aluminum-Silver


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