Set: Fasten Anchor Roller + Bracket [Round Base] For Wood, Aluminum & Fiberglass Boats Inclined.



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Set includes: 1x Ar003 + 1x FMb.


Compared to the Ar002, this anchor holder can be tilted. To do this, loosen the screwby hand,tilt it to the desired angle andfixit by turning the screw again.

A bow roller with ball bearings around a rope or chain from the boat to pull on yourself. It is often used on an anchor when you want to bring it back into the boat. Can also be used in conjunction with a winch.

The bow roller has a stainless steel ring at the front to fix the end of the rope / chain. This keeps the rope / chain on the pulley and cannot slip to the side.

Product features:

  • suitable forropes as well as chains
  • detachable


The FMb is a mounting system with a round base, which is intended for mounting on any hard surface, such as wood, aluminum, plastic or fiberglass. Thanks to the small, round base, the FMb mount takes up minimal space.

The mount is attached to the surface with 4 screws. The package includes 4 self-tightening wood screws and 4 normal screws with nuts.

-For wooden surfaces the 4 self-tightening wood screws are used.

-Forsurfaces, As with aluminum or fiberglass boats, the 4 normal screws with nuts are used. A hole has to be drilled in the surface beforehand. In the next step, the screw is inserted into the hole and fastened at the lower end with the nut.

Of course, the bracket is compatible with all Fasten accessories. You can, for example,attach your smartphone, tablet, rod holder or echo sounder anywhere in or on your boat.

Product features:

  • thanks to compact mounting system the small basic size
  • 2 x 4 stainless steel screws for fastening included
  • suitable for harder surfaces such as wood, aluminum, plastic or fiberglass
Art.-ID 296
Status New
Manufacturer Fasten
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Contents 1 piece
Weight 421 g
Net weight 421 g
length x width x height 188 × 79 × 63 mm

Black, Gray


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