Set: Fasting Platform (164x68mm) + Bracket [Round Base] For Wood, Aluminum & Fiberglass


Reference SSb223

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Set includes: 1xSs223 + 1xFMb.


The Ss223is a platformwhich is perfect for attaching cameras, GPS or echo sounders to your boat. This gives you a ( 164 mm x 68 mm ) large area on which you can attach any devices that require a flat surface.In addition, the platform can be rotated 360° .

Suitable for large echo sounders with a wide-angle or landscape format display.

Such as
900 Series 1100 Series

If you also have a tilt & tilt mechanism, the article with the article number: SSt223 is interesting for you.

Other platforms for or small echo sounders withportraitdisplays with a squaresurface ( 110 mm x 110 mm) :

only rotatable: Article number:Sl223 Of course, the bracket is compatible with all Fasten accessories. So you can, for example,attach your smartphone, tablet, rod holder or echo sounder anywhere in or on your boat.

Thanks to the extremely compact shape of the bracket base supplied, the FMb takes up very little space path. The FMb is fastened with 4 screws and is suitable for low to medium loads.

Product features:

  • compact mounting system due to the small base size
  • for harder ones Suitable for surfaces such as wood, aluminum, plastic or fiberglass-plastic
  • the Fs219 bracket contains the corresponding base
Art.-ID 292
Status New
Manufacturer Fasten
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Contents 1 piece
Weight 390 g
Net weight 390 g
length x width x height 164 × 74 × 68 mm


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